Bar Gelateria
del Molo

Quality ice creams since 1950

The Bar

There’s a place on the dock of Porto Rotondo, where you can taste the Italian handmade excellence just a few steps from the sea.

In this place, as ambassadors of the prestigious art of pastry-making and ice-cream tradition, everyday we produce the most valued specialities of the great Italian tradition, such as “cassata”, “semifreddo”, and many others.

Quality in raw materials is our mission. We carefully select every single ingredient we use in making our products, in respect of its own natural season.

Frankness and pride are our values. That’s why our labs are open for everyone. We will be glad to show you how we work and gain your confidence, with our 100% genuine products.

In this place, year after year, we make sea’s beauty and timeless tastes meet each other. We do it since 1950. We’ll always do it.

What we do

Starting from the first lights at dawn, till nighttime
Every moment is the right moment for us.

Wine bar


Ice cream


Cafè and bakery



Bar Gelateria del Molo

Via del Molo 47, Porto Rotondo • 07026 Olbia


Via Punta Nuraghe 2, Porto Rotondo • 07026 Olbia
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Info and reservations:

Tel: 0789 34338 (Bar) – 0789 34376 (Pasticceria-Laboratorio)

Email: [email protected]

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